The “hit” right before my holiday (july 4th)

So we just came back from a trip…tired and exhausted, drop our paper work at the office, and now its time to go home finally. My Dad jumps back in the truck because we decided we were going to replace the fridge inside with a lil bigger one…so were on the move…on i95 north headed in towards NYC. My Pops is going first and im behind him in his car following. As we approach the first toll i damned near shed a tear of hopelessness… there were HUNDREDS of vehicles in line waiting to pay…(dont ask me why we havent gotten EZ-pass yet)….it was PACKED!

So now we’re there standing in MAJOR traffic and as i look down to change my radio station, this guy comes outta no where and CUTs me off from the right hand side so bad that he almost hit me..errr my dads car. now mind you im SO not trying to have that, im falling asleep as it is im so tired. Now mond you he only get inbetween my dads car and my truck about 15% of his cars nose…WHERE the heck was he going??? So now i look at him, and RE-CUT HIM OFF!!!  he rolls down his window and starts saying some BS when i THREW my car at him…errr my dads car i mean…so i roll MY window and (to keep it clean for the kiddies )i politely CUSSED him the F**k  out!!!…If it wasnt because my mouth was so dry id have SPIT a loogie at his face so he could get mad and provoke him to…..AHHHHHH anyways “OOSAAHH LOL”.

So now were going back n forth and i tell him, “for being an ASSH***e , now stay there and get stuck behind the truck” hes like WTF ever i dont care blah blah blah your not going to be able to get infront of him and laughs at me…little did HE know we are rolling together lol…. we are 2 cars away from paying our i move over to my left lane ( EZ-pass lane) to pass my dad and while im trying to pass, i have my cell in hand, calling him to tell him to let me in and to not move the truck so we can leave the guy STUCK back there, he was so close that he would not have been able to move.

So as im calling / passing him, i notice that hes fighting with some other A-hole that decided to SKIP the WHOLE line ( what took us almost a half hr to get through ) via the  Ez lane next to the one i was at, and in a STEEP angle, jump infront of my dads car (me) and STRAIGHT infront of my dad and my truck…..i said to myself OH HELL NAH F*** this!!! next thing i see is the guys bumper flying off….my dad RAMmED his ass and the guy….

OK WHAT HAD HAPPENED WUZ…..LOL, my dad DID NOT let him in so the guy trying to force it, THREW the car in there and as he went foward, so did my dad….kinda like playing head on chicken….so when my dad stopped, the guy kept going and BOOM…side ways went my trucks front bumper and BAM!!!PLATAO!!!CREAK!!!! went his back bumper….the WHOLE thing fell off….and i mean the WHOLE thing.

here are the pics of my truck…

So now…the guy is draggin the bumper that was literally hanging by one of his back lights wire…pays his toll and turns off his car screaming, “i cant beleive this… im not moving…im suing im suing”

He repeats this over and over. the toll guy tells him to pull to the shoulder ( all of us ) …police were called and at the end of the day, we pretty much won because…the cop comes and sees my truck, takes a look at his car, and then comes to us and asks,

police- you guys ok, anyone hurt…

us- no were ok

police- ok let me see what he has to say and ill be right back

us- wtf ????

so RIGHT off the bat were thinking WHY should he go first…so the cop is now done with the retard and comes to us and asks, okay now tell me your version of what happened. I ALWAYS get offended by this…WTF do you mean ” MY VERSION u motherF***…theres only one fuc**ing version!!!”…anyways, so my dad begins and as soon he starst “his version, my dad now says, “wait, why what did HE say..i mean no matter what hes ….”

the police cuts him off and says “no no i dont care what he (waves his hand in dismissal tone of manner ) says i only care what YOU have to tell me…i can see he was wrong”…looks at the bumper one more time, listens to my dad explain the above and he walks off…gave us the paperwork and that was it. we left them both there, the police officer pointing at the bumper in a TIE IT HOWEVER U CAN U DUMB ASS MOFO kind of way lol.

sigh…heres a lesson people, DO NOT cut off a damned truck driver…esPECIALLY in a toll or a heavy traffic area. WE mostly do NOT mind if you signal WAY ahead of time and stick out a hand in an asking for a favor manner….dont just TRHOUW it in there…we cant move as nimbly as cars do so when were stuck…WERE stuck, theres no way were just gonna LET some fool cut US OFF!!! no way..



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