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Can a person live inside a truck???


A lot of people (strangers/friends alike) when they see my truck a few of the questions they ask is always, Why is it so big, can u sleep inside of it etc… then most of the time, while asking, they wait alongside the door with that face that says “what? your not gonna let me climb in?” lol

so heres a quick tour of the trucks inside and out.

Now aside from the trucks with the BIG/HUGE extended cabs you have more than enough space in a regular truck to live in. First let me introduce you to BIG RED…my lady =)

ok ok one more lol

next ill show you the “tools” that i use for entertainment and navigation

the most important ofcourse is GPS ( below )

and my satellite radio, regular radio etc… (dont have pics of those)

now here is the reserved living space from cabinets/ beds (yes plural lol, beds…BUNK beds actually) to space made for lil refrigerator, toaster etc….yes i have all that in here lol

this one is a pic of the leather curtains on the drivers side (another set on passanger side aswell. lol…dont want any light to peak through while im on my beauty sleep …i needs my rest =)

this next one is of the cabinet space on the passanger side…again, theres also more on the driver side

this one is PROOF (to those who said YEAH RIGHT) that i have bunk beds in here lol. there ya go, top AND bottom bed =)

and last but not least…the fridge, microwave and dirty toaster lol

(edit!!!) um….yeah….dont mind the killer AXE trying to hide itself from the cameras lol


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getting a CDL license

To get started, 1st n MOST importantly, you have to have a CDL License (Commercial drivers license). There are different types too but the main ones ill talk briefly about are CDL/A and CDL/B.

CDL-B lets you drive most if not all STRAIGHT vehicles bigger than a regular car. like this pic below for example

now this is a random straight truck pic but like i said, anything from those box trucks u see around to the BIG long tour buses etc….anything straight, a B license is required.

Now for anything with moving parts like a tractor trailer, you need an A license. quick note, “TRACTOR TRAILER”…its two things.. the tractor is the machine that PULLS the trailer. the trailer is the BIG box in the back with the cargo/load etc…

Now to GET the permits (like a drivers permit) you need to take ALOT of testsor not alot but long tests. If you took one test for a drivers permit, for an A-class permit, you take about…about…3 of them. General knowledge, combination (for tractor n trailer) and air brakes. wont go much more into this because its boring and LONG process id care not to remember lol

SO after that once you’ve passed all your tests, like anything else, you go to the road test…most people fail a few times….then eventually you pass and thats it…you’re a “trucker”…….or are you.

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